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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Visitor

“Could you possible mind my baby for an hour?” Her voice wavered a little…

“Was I the only one you could reach?”


“Ok, see you in 10 minutes.” There didn’t seem any reason to make her sweat.


“Ummm, hi!…. so I guess it is just you and me. I would appreciate it if you could wait to fill your diaper until your mother returns. Deal?”


“And you might have everyone else wrapped around your little finger, but I will let you know right now, I am no push over, buddy.”

Well, maybe I am, but I thought it best to assert my authority right from the get go. I know how it is with these little guys, one minute they are all cute and smelling like sunshine, and the next, they have the key to the liquor cabinet and a tattoo that says “MOM”.


“No! you may not borrow the car tonight! If you can’t hold your own head up, how on earth do you expect to be able to reverse out of the driveway.”

Jeeezzz kids today! I’ll just make myself a coffee, don’t get up to anything while I am in the kitchen.

IMG_7227 “That better not be your baby version of giving me the stink finger!”


“Ha! there you go, getting that happy face on, but I can smell the reason you are looking so joyful, and I thought we had a deal!”


“Just for that, you can read me a couple of chapters of Harry Potter. And I want ALL the silly voices too….so no skipping…. hey! did anyone ever tell you you look a little like Dobby the house elf?”


“Oh yeah…that was the doorbell. Seems your mother came back to get you after all. Quick hide the Jack Daniel and the cigars….”


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