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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well! That is disturbing…

“A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold.”Ogden Nash

Between Christmas and New Year, I took a little trip down south.  Down to the kingdom of Lederhosen and Weiss Bier.

During a visit to a teeny, tiny museum, the following interaction took place at the cashier desk:

Lulu:  “Hi! Could I please have tickets for two adults and three children.”

The cashier looks over her glasses, shuffles some papers, looks over her glasses some more.

Cashier:  “Oh… do you have a man with you?”

I am now pulling that face that they do at the end of each episode of The Bold & The Beautiful.  The one where they are holding the suspense, only I am trying to figure out what the hell she is getting at.

Lulu: “Um, no… just us, and the kids.” I indicate my sister (aka KuKu … ).

Cashier:  “Well, that is a shame, because I could have sold you a Family Ticket,”  she is tutting and shaking her head.

LuLu:  “In that case, WE are a family.”  When it comes to saving a few bucks… honey, I would admit to being family with Courtney Love.

Cashier:  “Oh no… a family for us means a man and a woman!!” 

She has said this with a straight face.  Kuku, who doesn’t have any idea that she has just had her civil rights violated in a foreign language, continues to smile and nod at the sweet little ol’ lady.

LuLu:  “OK… then give me two adult and three children tickets please.”  My jaw is clenched and I am breathing right up in my throat. 

As we pushed the kids up the winding staircase, I translated the event to KuKu.  It was a narrow, stone staircase.  Her response could be heard throughout the building and down to the Alps:



Weeks have passed since this incident, and I still wish I had been able to pull out a business card saying something like ‘LuLu, Expert in Discrimination Law’.  Sort of like Denny Crane on Boston Legal. 

Of course, I did nothing.  I let it slide.  I opened the door for the next same-sex couple to visit that museum, with their kids, to be placed in a box.  And that makes me sad.

The weird thing… the tickets only cost 3€ and children 1€.  How much cheaper could a ‘family’ ticket possibly be?


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