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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Salt on my Skin

It seems like it has been winter for, like… forever.  My childish joy when the first fat snowflakes drifted down has now turned to a groan.  All day I have resisted the pull to go and shovel the front path.  I imagine the three retiree neighbours around me are having a field day grumbling about my lack of unity. 

Instead, I have focused on other matters, like changing the linen, cleaning the shower recess and making a batch of No-Knead bread dough.  It was at the moment I put my fingers in the water to check if it was ‘lukewarm’ that I drifted off…

…and landed here:


Before I knew what was happening, I could feel the warm wood under my feet. The gentle lapping of the water against the jetty urged me to walk forward. Until I arrived...Here:


Crisp sheets, fresh flowers.  The smell of salt in my nostrils.  I turned my face up to meet the sunshine… discarded layer after layer of winter clothing, releasing my body to bask in the warmth.  The Shock! as I plunge my tired and worn body into the cool water, pushing myself toward the edge…  I look up and am greeted by a sweet, smiling attendant.  The robe she hands me is soft, silky cotton.  I slip it on and follow her to here…


Firm, yet gentle hands work on the angry knots in my back and neck.  I feel my whole body start to relax.  Delicious smells waft past, lavender, orange blossom.  I start to feel lighter, but my eyelids are getting heavier… heavier…feeling sleepy……….“MUM!!…. are you listening?  I said I need a drink of water please… MUM!!!  What are you doing!  You have been stirring that dough for hours!”

Oh.. but it was nice while it lasted…everyone should take a little ‘dream’ holiday.  Go on, just do it.  Your credit card will never know.

*Thanks to Banyan Tree Seychelles for their beautiful photos…if you ever need a resort tester.. I am your girl.


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