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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She said what?


Quietly sipping tea with my companions, the conversation turns to ailments, in particular, aging.  A litany of conditions hit the table, each person exclaiming their own more painful than the next.  Germans over a certain age take great pride in giving out each and every detail of their diminishing youth/health.

Of course, I need to stake my claim as well:

“Well, it is possible I have a little arthritis in my right thumb.  It does seem to be affected by the weather, and my grandmother had arthritis in her fingers.”  I hold up the offending digit for inspection.

The woman sitting beside me, leans over, pokes my thumb (which I now have sticking up as if I am planning to hitchhike my way across the table), then leans back in her chair with a satisfying sigh.

“Then again,” she says, “it could be Gout.”

Well hello? 


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