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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mince Pies and Mess

“Christmas is a holiday that persecutes the lonely, the frayed, and the rejected.” Jimmy Cannon

Nobody could say I am a quitter. I will complain, whine, whinge, nag, spout a few tantrums or cry a tear or two, but I rarely give up. I am a veteran wife with a 20 year badge on my lapel.

That mincemeat was driving me insane. So I had another stab at it. Eventually, the currants were found at the local Turkish shop, and my search for brown sugar was exchanged for Zuckerrübensirup… a German version of molasses. Thanks for all your suggestions, I did try the Reformhaus (local health food store), but they were all sold out, and the shop assistant was so nasty she made me want to shout at her… something along the lines of “Oh, go eat a hamburger!” (you can see that I am doing my best to blend in).

Mince Mess Of course, as chance would have it, I didn’t read the recipe properly. This meant a little improvising. In place of the 300g Fresh or Frozen Cranberries, I had ONE… did you read that… ONE packet of 125g dried Cranberries. Not good. Oh well, she says… I tossed them in and made up the difference with some spare dried figs and dates that were lurking in the back of the pantry.

Mince Pot By this stage, I have started to feel the effects of the port that has cooked off… the fumes have made me a little light-headed, resulting in a bit of a haphazard tossing of ingredients into the pot. Not sure what I was doing when I wrote the shopping list, imagine my surprise when I realise the recipe also required dried cranberries… but as I had already used those, I put in some dried apricots… and took a good long sniff over the pot. Hic, hic…

IMG_6880A dash of this and sprinkle of that… another slurp of brandy. Seemed like a small amount of mincemeat for so much effort. But left the house was smelling sublime!

It will sit for a few days to mature, in the meantime I have solved the problem of the Wreath on the front door. Well, not me personally, but Mr Dear Husband. He managed to put a screw/nail on the top of the door and hung the wreath with some fishing wire (now why didn’t I think of that!).

Thanks to the multitude of generous blog readers that offered to either have Magnetic Wreath Hangers sent to their homes in the US/Canada (still trying to work out how it would help to have it sent to Australia?? but thanks anyway) and then ship it on to Germany. Sweet, sweet… very sweet. I am touched… If you are passing, come and have a cup of tea with me… and a mince pie.


Mumma Lisa said...

My favourite type of cooking - just throw in whatever you have in the cupboard! I do love recipe books and looking at them, the idea of recreating what is on the page - but I hate with a passion following recipes! I remember mum just throwing in whatever she had into the mince mix, however when it came to baking the Christmas Cake and constructing the Pudding mixture - the recipe was followed to the letter! She even keeps the recipe well hidden - 2 people need to have a key to open the draw at the same time - whilst you swear that you will not divulge the recipe to anyone!

Peter H said...

does the "go eat a hamburger" have hidden meaning in a germanic context? Could it be considered a slur on the local Hamburgers as distinct from Berliners or Strasbourgers?

swenglishexpat said...

I'm glad you got there in the end! ;-) Never, say never, give up!

Lydia said...

Mmm, mince meat tarts. My husband hates them, along with every other edible food except for cereal, top ramen and frozen pizza. So I don't make a lot of what I love, unless I'm willing to eat ALL of it! Who am I kidding, of course I'd eat all of it, but SHOULD I eat all of it? I'd love to get the complete recipe for the mince meat!

christina said...

Oooh, that looks delicious. I'm reconsidering just going out and buying a jar. I'd probably substitute whatever I had as well. Saw a few easy-looking recipes online that would probably do.

Beth said...

I think I should add more alcohol to my recipes – whether called for or not. Inhaling those fumes would make cooking a more pleasurable experience & probably improve the taste!


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