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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Magnetic Wreath Hanger

I need help…please… just a little… I have never asked you for anything!

I need one of these:

magnetic wreath hanger

My Front door wreath fell off… it was not pretty… I am not happy. 

And Amazon will not deliver this to Germany. 

Come on guys… help me!  Happy to pay ALL costs.

…I don’t do grovelling well… but I am…well.. grovelling.

This means the difference between a perfect Christmas and a So-so Christmas….

My future happiness lies in your hands…

Yes… I am deadly serious.

I mean it…

Stop laughing! Help me!


Kroniki egipskie said...

If they don't deliver to Germany, they don't deliver to Egypt, too ;(
I know what you feel ...

Beth said...

I'd be happy to order one for you. I usually use but I'm sure will deliver here.

How many do you want?

Email me, okay?

Lydia said...

I can get it from Amazon, too. Just email me, k?

oreneta said...

Ditto about Spain...looks like Beth is going to save your, your Christmas. Isn't she the best? Lydia too....Gotta love the internet

Lynda said...

Kroniki: Usually, WILL deliver to germany... just not this time, very frustrating, but better than Egypt... that was tough seeing all those goodies on the computer and not being able to buy anything.

Beth: Thank you!!!!! Will take a raincheck.

Lydia: Thank you too!!!

Oreneta: I know!! who knew that people could be so generous...maybe the Christmas spirit is about?


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