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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Full as a Boot

Too full of cookies and goose to write anything worth reading, so I will just give you a photo post.  My camera is playing up, at least the Macro seems to be doing something weird, so they are not great, but you get the picture.

Went for a walk yesterday and fell over came across this branch.  It gave me an idea.  Turned out pretty good, I think! I can enjoy a few minutes of self appreciation before Mr Dear Husband arrives back from Madagascar and asks why there is a stick hanging in his living room.


This morning got off to cracking start.  Not sure if I dreamt it or it was real, but my door bell rang at 6:30am.  I lay in bed trying to work out what was real and what was not.  Figured that if there really was someone at the front door, they would press the button again… nothing happened so I went back to sleep… for about 14 minutes, then Miss 8 decided it was time to check out whether St Nikolaus had paid us a visit.  He had!


Once we had eaten our body weight in chocolate and biscuits, it was time to head over to the Outlaws for Lunch.  Miss Eight decided try on the Nikolaus decoration boot… then couldn’t get it off!  Whoops!  She pulled the “If you take my photo I am going to beat you up” face… so I did… Never dare me to do anything…


So then I suggested that we might look into cancelling Christmas this year, and she pulled her “this is what Mum looks like when she comes down for breakfast every morning” face…


You get what you pay for when shopping in discount stores for children.  It never pays to pick up the last kid on the shelf, marked down to $19.99

When the Mother Outlaw says “Your goose is cooked!” I get nervous.  I am pretty much everything she ‘didn’t’ want in a daughter-in-law.  It is a credit to that woman just how much she endures and still manages to smile when she is around me (personally I think she is plotting all the ways she can hook up her son with a good, catholic, German girl).  But hell!  The woman can cook!


When everyone else passed out after lunch, Miss Eight and I ploughed our way through another 20 batches of cookies.  My edible tree ornaments turned out fabulous… shame I forgot to put a hole in them before baking… guess we will just have to eat them all.




Connie said...

I thought of you and Miss 8 today when my daughter came home from school with a little paper boot with a tangerine in it. (her teacher is German). I love the stick in the window! How creative! And wow... all those goodies :)

Beth said...

I'm thinking you deliberately forgot to put the holes in those edible tree ornaments!


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