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Friday, December 11, 2009

I think I love Bing Crosby

There are days when all it takes to make me happy is an email. 

Dear Lulu,

Just to let you know that I have finished running the world (for the time being) from Madagascar, and will be returning home to you and ours, tomorrow.

Best Regards, Mr Dear Husband

The stress levels dropped back to normal… that is my normal stress level, which would be the equivalent of being held hostage during a bank hold-up for anyone else.

With the load lightened, I found my second wind.  The night was young, the kidlet tucked up in bed, and Bing Crosby was warbling away on the iPod.  Time to do a few chores.  It started with another batch of Christmas cookies, I had prepared the dough earlier, so this was very satisfying:

IMG_6936 IMG_6937

Last weekend, I was given some gorgeous new decorations made from Felt. who knew you could do so much with Felt.  This doesn’t look complicated, but it fell off about a dozen times while I was putting it up and was christened with flood of choice words!  Remember those felt picture games we had as kids?  I loved those:


What do you do with a glass vase and an abundance of Christmas tree ornaments?  Well you shove them all together, add some lights and Hey Presto!  Magic!  Ok, maybe not magic… man, you are a tough crowd.


Once I started, I couldn’t stop.  More things needed to be sorted, and I was wide awake.  Tackled the cupboard with the Christmas stash next.  I think we might have enough now?


Found this little Gingerbread house, just waiting to be put together, but my eyes were starting to get heavy and I was beginning to change lyrics to Bing’s tunes… and some of them weren’t very Christmasy at all.  Bing would have blushed!


Left the Pepparkakshus house for another day… oops!  it is already ‘another day’, and in just four hours I would be listening to the wake up call of the German weather report on the radio alarm.  An odd collection, redistributed to accommodate Christmas decorations, greeted me on the way to bed.  I always like to say “it takes all kinds”… and in this house, we have them all.  Good night. Sleep tight…


Oooooooooh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightfuuuuuuul
And since we've no place to goooooooooo
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!


oreneta said...

I am listening to Bing too! I ordered a cd of Xmas music to help get me in the mood, and teach the kids some English carols, and bing is on some of them!

Veronica said...

Well I don't think it will snow here but we have had 2 days of beautiful storms and the temperature has dropped tonight to a positively freezing 24C ... the breeze off the rain is helping of course.
I choose to ignore the fact that there is a cyclone watch just off the coast ... if I ignore it I am sure it will just toodle off somewhere else for Christmas; Christmas Island perhaps? - no offence CI residents.

Lydia said...

That's the only kind of Christmas music. Any and all recordings before 1970. with the exception of Elvis' album 'Elvis Christmas'. ;) I found a display that had a strand of flickering lights that resemble flames and pinecones in a basket. cozy!

*word verification was bride. first 'real word' in a long time*

Beth said...

No, your cupboard with your Christmas stash is not too full – keep going...
If and when it does get too full, I’ll send you my address - would be happy to help you out. ;)

christina said...

So Christmasy! I've heard that felt is the "in" decorating material this year so you'll be the talk of the neighbourhood.

Gorgeous black and white cookies. I can never get mine all evened out like that.

Pearl said...

I'm a Bing fan myself. What a baritone voice on that man!



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