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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And then what?

“My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I'm happy. I can't figure it out. What am I doing right?”  Charles M. Shulz

I know, I know, it might seem a bit premature to start indulging thoughts of New Year’s Eve, especially for those of you that have yet to give ANY thought at all to the madness/deliciousness that is Christmas.  But here I go…

This morning, I had a long Skype call with a lovely friend.  It has been a while, both of us busy with lives that revolve around work, kids, husbands, family and the million other details that equal = ‘collapse into bed each night'”.  My relationship with her goes way back.  She has seen all aspects of me, and I know, loves me anyway (not easy, but she makes it look like fun).  And, she has a magical power, a power so amazing that it should be launched on the New York Stock Exchange.

The power to make me step up.

There, I said it.  Her gentle words and prods, remind me of where I am in life, and where I need to go.  A chat with her can make my self-esteem go off the Richter Scale.  All thoughts of self doubt, misery and failure just fly away.

So, I say to myself, Where Am I Going"?  What is the next step on the path of life?

I like a challenge.  I like a reason to jump out of bed in the morning.  I like a project.  A purpose.

I need a job.  Or I need to create a job.

How about I write a book?  Maybe a column, something witty and worthy of comment.  End up on the New York Times Bestseller List?  That would be good…


“Highly recommended!” Time Magazine.  “Couldn’t stop laughing.” Vogue, London.  “A delight! Should be made a national treasure!” The Observer.  “Where has she been hiding? Wonderful stuff.”  The New Yorker.



Shame Oprah is closing up shop, because an invite to her Book Club would do the trick.

I’d like a mailbag full of fan post.  Even better, I could write an ‘Agony Aunt’ column.  Most of my life I have been called a Know-it-All, what better way to put that all to good use.  How about coming up with an idea like Frank at PostSecret.  He gets 200-300 postcards a day, has published four books and is on the speaking circuit.  Now, I could rock that.

Or I suppose I could teach English.  Sure to find takers here.  But as I have just had a bit of a run in with Miss 8’s English teacher.. perhaps I should step carefully. Scout out the territory first… don’t want to tread on any toes.

What else?  Don’t you just admire people who find their passion early in life, people that sleep, eat and breath their craft.  People who tap out tunes in their sleep, or doodle on every cocktail napkin.  Amazing women, who have managed to turn their family recipes into multi-million dollar earnings. Hmm, that sounds good.

Making money.  Then I could be a philanthropist.  Giving it all away.  That appeals.  Yes, when I grow up, I want to be Lulu the Philanthropist. 

Yep.. that will do.

And if that doesn’t work out?  Well, I will just be famous, or a fire fighter, or a train driver…. or a Lion tamer.


swenglishexpat said...

Hey, what are you worrying about? I will be 62 next Monday, and I still have similar thoughts to yours! My wife has "The Job", and I am a dependent, in official military terms, with rather limited options on the job front. So, I am trying to write a book, do a lot of photography, do all the ground service, but I still have a bad conscience for not having a proper full-time job. Stupid, isn't it?

Lynda said...

SwenEng: Hmmm and odd place to sit, don't you think. Dreadful to feel that one has no value in society without a name plaque on the door and a paycheque at the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

Well thanks soooo much for stoppin' by the old blog. Ignore the swearing, I'm Canadian.

oreneta said... them all????

Beth said...

It's only too late to achieve these goals when you stop dreaming.
I think doing comedy - in any form - would suit you!

Peggy said...

Honey, I think you and I are going to become new best friends.

I found you via SITS, glad I did, yadda yadda yadda (see, got that over with so now you know SITS really does ROCK!)

Here's the gig - I'm working my way OUT of corporate. I loathe it with every cell in my body.

Writing, speaking, training, teaching - all right up my alley - so, I'm pursuing what I love.

In 2009 I became a certified yoga teacher - something I've dreamed of doing ever since the summer of 2004. After I got certified, I jumped head first into my 500 hour level certification.

I'm a black belt recommended in Thai Kickboxing, in hot pursuit of my first degree black. The studio I belong to has already asked me if I'd be interested in running a school they want to open in 12 months. hell yeah.

I write for an online magazine for Stepmoms (I'm one of those, too). I write two blogs. I take writing classes to hone my God given talent (and one that you have as well!)

And I'm about to embark on the lecture/seminar circuit. I've been asked to create two proposals on military remarried life.

Corporate can kiss my arse. I, too, will be on the NYT Best Seller list in the very near future!

Rock on Lulu and I hope you stop by one of my blogs and pull up a chair so we can learn from each other!


Expats Again said...

Thanks, Lulu, for stopping by It was great to learn that we have similar paths in life. Like you, I am searching for meaning--not sure if that includes a job. I recently retired from teaching high school English in the states. Now in Munich (previously lived in Shanghai), I am re-making myself. What to do? Learn German, but what else? I'll be watching your post with interest. Perhaps we'll learn together?

sherry ♥ lee said...

I love this are so witty and urbane and down to earth all at the same time!! I think finding that "place" sometimes takes a lifetime. But the journey? Ah, that is worth everything!

Lynda said...

allycupe: Swearing? I'm am Australian.. is there any other way to go?

Oreneta: Ok.. I will start with Lion Tamer.

Beth: Can't believe you find me so funny... my family find me just plain annoying :)

Peggy: Longest comment I have ever had... but made me feel great!

expatagain: Learning German is essential for any quality of life in Munich. But your book is wide open...

Sherry love: Thank you for the lovely compliment... I think I will put your comment on my blog as a 'quote'... would you like to forward it to the New York Times?

Lydia said...

I am/was going through the same 'rediscovery'. I want to write a book, I want to . . . I don't know what I want to do. Did you know, I was going through old posts and found that first vision board you showed me how to make? Maybe it's time for another one of those. I'll do it if you do!


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