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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Frugal LuLu McScrooge

“The tooth fairy teaches children that they can sell body parts for money.” David Richerby

Not one to make New Year’s resolutions.  What is the point, I don’t smoke, and I am not giving up anything else. I thought I was set for the year, then the first mail delivery of 2010 arrived, and with it, the latest bank statement. And I stopped breathing, just for a minute.

Now, many of my mates will tell you that they have seen me do the happy dance over a bargain.  Mr Dear Husband is of the opinion that it wouldn’t matter how much money I had, I would still be happiest digging to the bottom of the bargain bin.  He is right.  To a point.  I had a lot of fun over Christmas, so much so, that now my bank balance has balance-anorexia.

Ma Kettle

Time to pull in the belt.  Start keeping those nasty dried up end bits of bread that nobody ever wants to eat.  Making my own candles, and saving the little pieces of soap that end up in the shower recess.  Not that I know what the hell I am going to do with bread and soap bits? Might have to learn to sew… oh God, even worse, I might need to learn to knit!  Have never been able to sit still long enough to do those things well.

This morning, Miss Eight was complaining about having to put on her boots to walk to school, and out of my mouth came these words:

“Well, I suppose you could go barefoot, through the snow, and just pop your feet into the warm cowpats along the way.” She was no amused.

I suspect I am about to turn into Ma Kettle.  Pa, Paaa, PAAAAAAA!


Mumma Lisa said...

Love that quote! My grandmother used to save all the bits of soap (when my mum was little) and boil them down and make them into one big soap. You have to do that when you have 10 children! I too, as you know love the bargain! But I do believe there is a difference between being frugal and a Scrooge. Again laughing till tears are rolling down. PS I didn't know you had a chicken? ;}

hillstoph said...

I read your blog with an Austrailien accent in my head. I am wondering if you still have one though.
I really like your writing. You're witty and interesting.
Right on about the language thing. It took me a couple months to realize my husband and his brothers weren't always fighting, but only having a regular conversation about stupid snowboarding video's or video games.
I think sometimes it's good I don't know what they are saying:)
Frustrating none the less.
Have any suggestions to a young soul who is going through about the same thing you did?

Lydia said...

Ah, right there with you, sista. We just finished the basement. Even though we did it on the cheap, still suffering it's effects. My mom used to grow her own alfalfa sprouts on the kitchen window sill, a nylon stocking stretched across the end. I hope they were new . .

oreneta said...

Hate those moments.

I actually stood my very small children outside in the snow in bare feet in a Canadian winter when they refused boots. Never for very long, but they did figure out what I was talking about.

word verification: supecli.

Something stupendously po*rnographic. Superman, but different. I hesitate to go further than that, no?


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