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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Culling, or…

…it’s not you, it’s me.

Had a little time on my hands, not doin’ much, just messin’ about.  This can often lead to Mr Dear Husband looking anxious.. you know the drill, where he starts scratching the back of his head and doing those big sighs.

Peering over the back of the sofa, where he was attempting to watch some sporty thing on the TV, he asked me what I was doing.

“Just a little sorting.  Why?  Is it annoying you?”

“You are making that funny little click-clack noise with your tongue, the one you make when you are choosing the fruit at the grocers, or a new pair of shoes.”

And so I was… choosing, that is. 

I was, in fact, playing God with all your lives.  I was parting the Sea that is Google Reader.  I was Culling. 

For a while now, I have been mildly irritated by the ridiculously long list of blogs that I had collected, many of which have long sat dormant, and many of which, I no longer read.  There I said it.  And there I go again, spouting off like someone declared 2010 “Year of the Beat-Me-With-A-Stick Honest”.  But Hey!  What can I tell you…

A walk down memory lane.  I was plunged back to times when Mr Dear Husband would come home and say something like, “Hey Honey, how would you feel about moving to Moscow/Jordan/Kuwait/Dubai/Upper Mongolia (I made that last one up).”  And off I would scurry to my trusty keyboard, to search out local bloggers that would give me the low down, the real truth about real life.  But some of these adventures were shelved, and along with them, my skulking in the shadows, sucking out the marrow of other peoples’ lives in foreign lands.

Not all the culling was my fault.  Do you guy's have any idea how many of you just leave me waiting at the corner and never come back!  No wonder I have abandonment issues.  It is like a whole section of bloggers just got sucked up by aliens.  The next we will hear from you will be a reality TV program in the USA… ‘Bloggers from Outer Space’.  News at 11.

I did actually take the time to re-read the last post (some as old as 2 years ago) before I hit the unsubscribe button.  Often there was no warning at all that tomorrow would never come.  More often than not, the last post would read something like this:   “Someone reminded me that that I haven’t updated my blog for 3 weeks/months/years. Can’t think of anything to write. Nobody reads this anyway. Anything I do write is lame.”

Then nothing, nada, zip. Gone.

In the end, what seemed to stick out more than anything else, is just how fickle I am.  My Google Reader was a mismatch of special interests.  One week I would be snaffling up any blog that would tell me how to turn an empty egg carton into a new 3-piece suite, the next I was teaching myself how to cut my own bangs (believe me… it is not worth it, don’t even go there). I am like a bumble bee in a rose garden.  Every time I had a thought, I would search for clever people out there doing it, and read what they had achieved.  Then when I had my fill… I moved on.  So many clever people, so little time.

Google Reader is slimmer now, more streamline.  Now I can start the glorious task of refilling her again.


Mumma Lisa said...

I am a great fan of the "Cull". You could say I am a constant culler, whether it be cyber or material! Its a very cleansing - detoxifying sort of thing to do! ML X

Lydia said...

I've been doing the same thing. Very refreshing!

Veronica said...

"re-read the last post"?
Sounds like you should have played it for some.
I too, worry about what has happened to them; perhaps it might be worthwhile clicking on some of those "comments" that have been left on their last post ... then, maybe not!

oreneta said...

Hope I made the cut...I love that song by the way, I think I may have to go and dig out the cd right now.....I was thinking the same thing, that some culling was needed.....

Word, tatherou, A certain eminent American nature writer making lace.

Connie said...

What would we do without Google reader? Bookmarks? With no headlines?! *shudder* Its very existence helps organize my life - well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration... but I do love it!


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