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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Please use in a sentence…

Journalists are slaves to fashion.  I mean it.  Every now and again they find a word that seems to set the tone for the world around them and before you know, they are all using it.

This week, the word is --- oligarch

Everywhere a I go, every paper I read, there is an article using this word.  Up until today, I thought it meant this:

Rich Russians that made a bucket load of money in the collapse of Communism, thus allowing them to now buy up all the Louis Vuitton on the entire planet.”

They need all those bags, for when they take over every resort town known to man kind, accompanied by *wink wink* Supermodels wearing mink coats over their bikinis.

Apparently oligarch can be used in other forms, as referring to a business tycoon, but in my mind it is set.

diamond car

This morning I was wondering how I could fit it into casual conversation – you know, Word of The Week style, like in the 5th grade:

Oh hi!, how have you been?  I see you have an oligarch in your pocket.”  Nah… that won’t work

“Have you met my fiancé?  He is an oligarch.” (Only if he intends to keep his future mother-in-law in a way she could easily become accustomed to!)


At the hairdressers -- “Could you please give me a oligarch do?”

Come on, help me out here!  When was the last time you used oligarch in a sentence?  And seriously, does ANYONE really know how to pronounce this word?  I know how it sounds in my head, but then I was 37 before I realised there was a difference between the pronunciation of the words TOMB & TOME…


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