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Thursday, March 4, 2010

It’s just a phase…


I love reading tabloids.  The highlight of a trip to the hairdresser – unlimited tabloid magazines.

Perhaps I will alienate my more high-brow mates, but there is something so delicious about tabloid journalism.  Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be the object of their affection, lord knows I have enough problems getting out of the house without looking like an unmade bed.

Today, this cover caught my eye:


“Why is Angelina turning Shiloh into a boy?  Come on guys… gimme a break!  Most mothers will get a laugh from this. 

When Miss Eight was Miss Three, she accompanied me on a quick trip from Australia to Germany.  Somewhere between Singapore and Frankfurt we picked up some stowaways.  A collection of imaginary friends.  All had names that was some derivative of ‘Rebecca’.  There were seven of them in total.  This caused many problems when it came to fitting them all in the car.  We had to extend the dining table so they call all have a place, and Opa developed a fear of his own sofa after being reamed out for sitting on one of the ‘friends’.  This lasted for several months, all of them came back to Australia with us, until they were eventually retired one by one.

When Miss Eight was Miss Four, she changed her name.  Within a week she had everyone calling her Emma.  We don’t know anybody called Emma, we don’t know where she heard it, but she was Emma.  If you called her Miss Eight, she wouldn’t respond, there was no budging her.  This too passed after a few months.

When Miss Eight was Miss Eight (this was yesterday) she woke up and announced that she would like to wear all black to school.  HUH?  My little Strawberry Shortcake snookems has turned into a bad-assed-gangsta-rap chick.  As luck would have it, I happened to come across a black hoodie at Aldi, two sizes too big.  She loved it.  Today she has toddled off to school looking like she just fell out of a 50 Cent video.  As a friend asked me today, “When did eight year olds become the new teenagers?”

Seems to me, that Angelina is just going through the same phases that we all do.  Besides, I think that little Shiloh looks like she is a real character.


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