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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lady GaGa & her Big Brass Band

Overheard....then roughly translated into English, but you will get the gist.

It is a rainy, misty Autumn morning. The kitchen is warm and cosy, there are wonderful smells drifting through the house as the clock inches its way toward midday lunch.

Miss 8 is sitting at the kitchen table, she is peeling the skins off a bag of hazelnuts, which she triumphantly collected from our garden, chatting away to her Oma (Miss 82). The radio is playing softly in the background.

Miss 8: "Oma, can you please turn up the radio, this is my favourite song." Miss 8 has managed (with French Resistance style skill) to switch the radio station from WDR4 (Tunes to grow your nose hair by) to SWR3 (hip, slick and cool appealing to precocious 8 year olds).

Oma obliges, and then continues stirring the red cabbage.

Miss 8: "Oma, this is Lady Gaga, do you know lady Gaga?"

Oma continues to stir, and makes a non-commital sound, something like "hummhoom".

Miss 8 sings along to the song on the radio.....

Miss 8: "Oma, do you like this song? Do you know what it is called?"

Oma is no fool, she has been listening to her bilingual grandchild, and has the tune down.....

Oma: "Yes, I can even sing a bit." A slight clearing of the throat and out came "Ompah pa pa Ompah pa paparazzi, Ompah pa pa Ompah pa paparazzi...."

You can bring the English to the Oma, but you can't take the German out of her!


Cairo Typ0 said...

Point in Egypt's favour: i don't think i've ever actually heard a lady gaga song. :D

Lydia said...

Excellent! My 13 yo sister still manages to pull the wool over my mom's eyes in the music dept. She likes the hardcore stuff & my mom doesn't catch one word of it all. She doesn't like it when I visit & tell mom what she's actually listening to. ;)

oreneta said...


She must be so happy that you are living nearer.

Lynda said...

CT0: Lucky you... I feel like that child that ate all the Easter Eggs in one sitting... just can't handle anymore Lady Gaga.

Lydia: Oh I am sure those days will come.. mind you, sometimes I say naughty things in English under my breath around the non-english speakers...

Oreneta: Yes, I had a wonderful relationship with my grandparents, and have always promoted the same for my children. Mind you.. she is STILL my Mother Outlaw.. and there are days when... grrrr


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