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Friday, September 25, 2009

Inches DO count...

"My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can." Cary Grant
"But it didn't look that far of Google Maps!", cried an anguished Lulu. Mr Dear Husband was doing 'the face' know the one, where his eyes suddenly get so big that it looks like they are about to jump out and start doing a can-can on his nose.

"Did you check the location before you put in the bid?"

"Of course, what do you take me for... do I look like someone that doesn't cover all the bases? At this point he started doing the Big Eye thing AND scratching the back of his head...that is never a good sign.

"Well, it is going to be a 300km round trip, we will have to hire a truck and YOU will need to get up at 6:00am on Saturday morning to come with me."

Hmmm.... now that didn't sound good. For the past couple of weeks I have been struggling to drag my lazy bones out of bed at the ungodly (and unLuLuly) time of 6:30am each day to get Miss Seven (but almost Eight!) to school on time. What in the world was the German school system thinking when they start decided in their infinite wisdom to have school start at 8:00am? And what's more... what were they thinking when they decided to send them back home again at 11:30am? There isn't even time to play a good round of tetris before grubby hands are hankering after hot meals. To add insult to injury, this week the early morning starts have been enhanced by the pitch black morning non-light. Oh Joy. My body keeps telling me to go back to sleep, well actually more like "Are you insane!!!" screaming in my head as I switch on lights and try to pretend it is morning.

But back to Mr Dear Husband. I am pretty certain I caught a glint of demonic pleasure pass through his boggling eyes,when the realisation hit home that I would be losing my sleep-in day...and it was all my own fault. For many years I have searched through and discovered treasures beyond my wildest dreams. Beautiful objects that seemed to be almost given away. "If only I didn't live on the other end of the earth", I would think to myself.... And now, finally I am in a position to hunt and gather. My first score was a stunning, hand painted, set of bedroom furniture for Miss Seven...the happy dance never felt so great.

"I swear, when I looked on, it was only an inch or so away from where we live!"

The eye bulging has stopped and I haven't seen him scratching his head for the past 24 hours, but everytime he looks at me, he sort of purses his lips and lets out a deep, loud sigh.

It really didn't seem all that far....


Veronica said...

Oh yes! We have the "face thing" in our house too!
It will be a lovely drive in the country.

swenglishexpat said...

Yeah, but you can drive fast on the German motorways! It won't take that long. ;-)

I do agree with you about the German school times, but on the other hand it seems they have shifted the clock hands by one or two hours all over. The restaurants are full by 18.00. One has to completely change one's body clock as a foreigner in this country!

christina said...

Ah yes, welcome to the German school system. I get up at 6:15 and they need to be on their way to the bus by 7:15. Just dreadful. And since they're in secondary school I never know when they'll be home either.

Hope the furniture is worth the drive!

Beth said...

Darn those Google maps - so deceptive. But it sounds like the prize will be worth the lost sleep-in…
Tetris, huh? Bet I could whup ya!

Connie said...

I am good with quality, not quantity - meaning I can get the directions, recipe, etc very well, but the distance or measurements.. eh... that's hit or miss. Esp. trying to convert to metric. There's a big difference between a pound and a kilo of meat when adding spice... the 'face thing' my dh does usually involves redness and sweat (doesn't help that I like spice and don't notice 'too spicy'). O well, I haven't killed him yet, and he likes my cooking anyway. Congrats on the ebay find!


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