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Monday, September 28, 2009

Hanging by a thread

"Hope she's got a heifer heights! Stranded Lulu is airlifted home by cable car" *
That was the headline that was splashed across my early morning dose of tabloid newspaper. And it seems quite fitting. I know I said I would be blogging again, but at the moment, I am up to my armpits in white paint, spackle, wallpaper, and trying to work out how to dispose of the overgrown garden I have inherited.

Don't get me wrong, I am overjoyed to finally be back in the home-maker saddle, but the muscles are a little sore. The weekend was spent hauling furniture from one part of Germany to another, with many humourous stories collected along the way. My knees hurt, my back hurts and I suspect I am starting to get that vein-y arm look that Madonna promotes (I wish!).

With all my precious finds under dust sheets and plastic sheeting, it is time to remove the 1970's wallpaper, the door handles...which for some odd reason are upside down??? There is the 'home-made' loo roll holder in the upstairs bathroom.... and I still need to find some ceiling lights that I can live with.

In Australia we slap on a bit of paint.. then gloss the trims and Hey Presto.. good as new. In Germany...there was two days spent scraping wallpaper... Then we will put up a sort of New wallpaper.. which we will then paint over. I don't understand, but my mentor tells me this is the way it is done, and as I am terrified he will leave me to do it myself, I toddel along behind, looking agreeable.

Then there is the 20 years of Ivy that had taken over the front of the house. As we stood on Sunday morning, arms folded, scratching chins, wondering what the best plan of action would be to take it down, Mr Dear "GI Joe" Husband took off upstairs, opened one of the big windows, and just pushed the Ivy off the wall. It fell into a huge, but satisfying heap, and was quickly bundled, ready for the BIO collection. Now the house looks naked.. but ready for its new windows and front door.

So, would love to stay and chat, but I have a kitchen to paint this morning. Must find a shower cap so that I don't end up with a head full of white paint!


Connie said...

upside down door handles :D Some people should have their Home Depot (or local equivalent) passes revoked!

christina said...

Ha ha, it sounds like your house and my house were twins separated at birth. 70's decor, wallpapering and painting ad infinitum (have I mentioned how much I despise Rauhfaser?) and ivy everywhere. Renovating is NOT fun, but it will be worth it.

oreneta said...

Do you own this? Are you renting?

Wallpaper then paint over top? That's nuts. And hellish.

Lynda said...

Connie.. would you believe that there is the German version of Home Depot just around the corner.. dangerous, I say.

Christina... Rauhfaser...evil stuff, but the repaint in the kitchen was pretty easy... other than my arms are shaking from exhaustion. Yep.. 70's twin house..

Orenata..I know! Papering then painting just doesn't make sense

swenglishexpat said...

Germans do things properly and thoroughly, that's what I have learned. Can't just slap on some paint, dear me!

Jane said...

Very punny article (groan). Whoever wrote it should be banned from using a keyboard.

At least you are not trying to do renos with a toddler. I have found simply de-cluttering seriously hampered by "the child".


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