Want to find me.. I will be at the bar with a glass in my hand, but not eating the nuts... bar nuts are sort of scary.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wake up!!!!

Ok... so it has come to my attention that LOADS of people are still clicking onto this blogger blog - when we all know that the action is taking place over on the other side of town. All the fun, the free valet parking... I will even get one of the kids to give your windscreen a clean.

This week only we have free cordial with a bendy straw!!! So what are you waiting for???

Come play on the wild side:

If you don't hurry up, we are going to start taking names and there will be detention. And yes, you WILL have to sit next to that kid that smell's like that musty drawer in the bedroom at your nanna's house.


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